About La Regence Restaurant:
"La Regence" is a nickname for the historic French period from 1715-1723.
After the death of Louis the XIV, the "Sun King", Phillip of Orleans was appointed to take his place until Louis XV could take the throne.
In contrast to the conservative Christian approach that characterized the reign of Louis the XIV, Phillip of Orleans was well known throughout the realm as an epicure, that loved to eat well, drink the best of French wines and party throughout the night.
For this reason, the term "La Regence" has been given to the best restaurants around the world, with fine food, excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere.
The restaurant holds up to 80 seats, including private rooms for VIPs.
La Regence overlooks the Old City walls though floor-to-ceiling French windows that run the entire length of the restaurant and has a Kosher contemporary classic menu with a Middle Eastern touch.
David Bitton has held the position of restaurant Chef since 2007. He has built the menu anew over the past year, upholding the very high standards of the restaurant patrons.

Business Card

Gourmet, Chef's Restaurant
HaMelech David  23
Phone: 0579444152
Fax: 03-7250487 
Activity Hours:
Sun-Thu 18:30-22:30
Price Per Diner
130-180 NIS
Payment Methods
Cash & Credit